London Boulder

48” Full Block

48” x 18” x 42” (32”)
Weight: 2160 lbs
Sq. Ft./ Block: 6 sq. ft.

The 48″ Full Boulder will make up the majority of most walls. The primary characteristics of the Full Boulder are its 48″ front face tapering back to a 32″ rear face, with two parallel channels on the top surface and two interlocking box lugs on the bottom surface.

The tapered block is a benefit when building curved walls as it allows the turning of a radius in shorter distances and with no cutting. If your radius is extremely tight, simply knock off the necessary box lugs and rely on the ball lug to keep the two units interlocked.

48 full block
½ Boulder

24” x 18” x 24”
Weight: 900 lbs
Sq. Ft./ Block: 3 sq. ft.

The 1/2 Corner has all the same features as the Full Corner with the exception of its front and rear faces being 24″ and 16″ long, respectively.

When building a retaining wall, this is the perfect unit to begin your second course since it allows for a half-stagger of the vertical joints. Likewise, it is a great finish to the end of your wall.

Half Boulder
Cap boulder

48” x 18” x 38”
Weight: 1260 lbs
Sq. Ft./ Block: 6 sq. ft.

Whatever the type of wall, the Cap Boulder is the perfect unit to finish the top course. With a front face that is identical to that of the Full Boulder, the Cap Boulder maintains continuity on the front side of the wall.

However, the back side of the boulder is recessed 8 inches to allow for the application of soil, sod, rock, mulch or any other fill material the end user deems necessary. The Cap Boulder¹s sides are tapered to allow for a radius wall if desired.

Cap Boulder
90 Degree Return

48” x 18” x 24”
Weight: 1100 lbs
Sq. Ft./ Block: 9 sq. ft.

With its 24″ depth and 48″ length, the 90° Return Boulder creates a perfect half bond across both faces of a 90° wall. This unit has a convex textured face that is consistent with the front faces of all other London Boulder units.

90 degree corner
Cap Corner – Left and Right

24” x 18” x 24”
Weight: 660 lbs
Sq. Ft./ Block: 7.25 sq. ft.

The Cap Corner Boulder provides a finished end to a course of Cap Boulders. If the project calls for a 90-degree corner, this unit will make the transition on the top course. This boulder comes in left and right units.

Left Corner Cap
6” Cap Block

6” x 40” x 34”
Weight: 740 lbs
Sq. Ft./ Block: 1.7 sq. ft.

Increase your big block flexibility with this 6″ Boulder Cap. This 6″ block is the perfect solution to the top course and easy to cut for custom applications.

Cap Block
london boulder 2
Right Corner Cap
london boulder 3
london boulder 4
London Boulder
london boulder 1

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